How to Help Your Dog Recover From a Torn ACL

A torn ACL is very painful for a pet. The injury oftentimes leaves a dog unable to function as normal, and if the injury doesn’t properly heal, can cause a variety of other issues. As a pet owner, keeping your pet feeling his best is important, even when an injury as serious as an ACL tear has occurred. If you want to keep your pet in as little pain as possible and provide him a fast, efficient recovery, the following are tips to use to ensure this happens.

Go to the Vet

When your dog is injured, the first thing to do is visit the vet to get something for pain, and for other treatments.  The vet can make a proper diagnosis of the injury as well as direct you to the next steps to help your pet. Your vet can also provide useful information that makes it easy to start your dog on the road to recovery.

Use a Brace for Your Dog

A dog brace may reduce the need for surgery while also preventing some of the pain the injury brings and promoting faster healing time. There is a dog brace for pets of all sizes. Additionally, there are braces that offer basic stabilization of the joint, as well as those made with tons of extra features. You can even have one custom made for your pet. It’s all depending on your needs and budget.

Time to Relax

Your pet is not going to be himself for a while after the injury, and this is expected. He needs time to recoup from the injuries that he has sustained. Most vets recommend your pet take it easy for at least 8 weeks’ time. It may be less time or longer time required, so do follow the instructions given to you by the vet and always follow your pet’s ques. He’s the best person to alert you to how he feels.


Surgery is always an option when a dog sustains a torn ACL, however, most vets do not recommend it as a first recourse of treatment because there are so many potential dangers associated with a surgery. Plus, your pet needs more healing time after surgery, not to mention the expense. Use surgery only when it is absolutely necessary and after other treatments have failed to provide results.

Rehabilitation Therapy

dog brace

Yes, there is rehab for dogs, and after an ACL injury, it may be beneficial for your dog to receive this service. Your vet can provide additional details about rehabilitation therapy for your pet, including the costs. Many pet owners enjoy using this therapy to help their pet, and you might feel the same way.

There are many options for treating a torn ACL if your pet happens to sustain this injury. It’s more common than you might realize, but luckily, an issues that most pets can make a full recovery from with the right treatments initiated.